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35 year Sports & newscaster. Philadelphia 76ers, Turner Sports, NBA-TV. Marc provides career development & coaching for aspiring broadcast performers.
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October 25, 2011
7:00 PM EST
Welcome to #BroadcastChat!

It's a social world and we are broadcasting in it. This Twitter geared chat will be hosted weekly to provide insight towards career development for aspiring broadcasters, sports reporters/anchors, and newscasters.

Each week we will talk about topics relating to our industry, but we will also provide real life experiences to how we reached our successes by learning from our failures and mistakes. 

Our first chat will be October 25, 2011 at 7 PM EST. Since it's our first chat, we will begin under these guidelines, but it's a chat so let's see where all the insight takes us.

Q1: What are the difficulties inherent to live TV?

Q2: How best to get along with the producer, director and other members of the crew?

Q3: How best to interact with players, coaches and team personnel?

Q4: How do you prepare for a telecast or radiocast

Q5: How best to interact with your broadcast partner

Q6: The inherent differences between calling a game on television vs. radio

Q7: Differences in preparing and performing for various sports


This chat is geared for the aspiring broadcaster, sports reporter or newscaster along with the experienced broadcaster, reporter and newscaster that is looking to expand their network and continue to enrich their learning of the industry. Sparking conversation through #BroadcastChat will help to expand their knowledge while continuing to develop those relationships.

This chat is brought to you by Marc Zumoff, Broadcast Coach. Make sure to follow him on Twitter and always remember to join the conversation.

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