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September 06, 2011
9:00 PM PRT

Honestly Now continues our #HonestlyChat series—this Tuesday at 9:00 pm Eastern Time.

It’s honesty, real-time– with HN friends and fabulous, heavy-hitting Pro wisdom.


Joining us is the amazing best-selling author Laura Wattenberg of @BabyNameWizard and @NameLady!


Baby Name Wizard (Laua Wattenberg) & Name Lady

Laura is the author of the best-selling book The Baby Name Wizard, and the creator of groundbreaking tools like the NameVoyager, Name MatchMaker and Namipedia that help parents see names in a whole new way. She and her team prowl every corner of our culture to understand baby-name style. Hot new actress? They’re on it. Crazy new spelling? They’ve got it. Locked in combat with your sister-in-law over rights to the name Jack? They’ll solve it. You can find them in residence at and, or ask the Name Lady your own question here.

The Name Lady is an expert and opinionated advisor, backed by the naming authorities behind and Her weekly advice column “Ask the Name Lady” appears  at Shoot her your questions at


Our Tuesday Topic: Names are part of every corner of our lives. They’re about identity, family, sex and religion; culture, etiquette, prejudice and fame. They’re a universal, and they’re deeply personal. And they’re more important than ever before. Whether you’re curious about the latest celebrity baby name trends, want to know how to deal with a name-stealing friend, or just wondering why there are 41-rhyming names among America’s most popular boys’ names, the experts from Baby Name Wizard and Ask the Name Lady are here to answer your questions!

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